Studio 800

/ 5 axis machining centers

NEW STUDIO 800 was born from the great experience gained by Fagima in moving column machining centers. It was studied in each detail using the most modern design and calculation systems and it is the result of a mix between best seller machines in the Fagima range, Kreos and Jazz.

It is characterized by the high rigidity of the structure and the absence of any flexion on the Y axis. Rapids and high accelerations allow reductions of the working cycle times. Available with strokes X = 900 mm, Y = 835 mm and Z = 700, it is characterized by a made in Italy tilting rotary table with 800 mm diameter plateau, and driven by 2 torque motors

New STUDIO 800 The monolithic base grants high loading capacity without the needs of very complex foundations. On the monolithic base slides the column-holder carriage, through roller guideways (all X, Y and Z axis have such kind of guideways). The column has been studied to grant the highest rigidity of the spindle-holder head.

An elegantly styled fairing with 1 front sliding door gives a marked personality to this new Fagima machine, enriched by the logo and the usual operation signal lighted by led stripes. The standard configuration is susceptible to large expansion and provides most suitable customization of the machine in consideration to the particular needs of each Customer.


Technical features Studio 800 5AX

◼︎ Strokes

X axis

mm 900

Y axis

mm 835

Z axis

mm 700

Distance spindle nose – table

mm 153

◼︎ Feed Speed

X,Y,Z axis

50/50/40 m/min

Working feed speed

20/20/20 m/min

◼︎ Tilting rotary table

Table plate dimensions

Ø 800 mm

Max load on table (horizontal position)

850 kg

◼︎ Rotary axis (C)

C axis rotation

0 – 360°

Max speed

100 rpm

◼︎ Tilting axis (b)

B axis rotation

0 ± 120°

Max speed

50 rpm

◼︎ Standard electrospindle

Cone dimensions

HSK 63

Motor spindle power S6 max

50 Kw

Max spindle motor torque S6 max

217 Nm

Spindle rotation speed

15000 rpm

◼︎ Random tool magazine 60 position

Max tool lenght

mm 300

Max tool diameter

mm 75 / 130

Max tool weight

8 kg

Average tool weight

5 kg

Max weight total tools stored

300 kg

Tool change time (tool-tool)

sec. 1,5

Magazine speed

sec. 0,5

◼︎ Sistemi CNC System

Heidenhain TNC 640 – Siemens 840D – Fanuc 31iB

◼︎ Machine total weight

Kg 18.000


Use the mouse to rotate the machine.