Dominus Big

/ 345 axis machining centers

The model Dominus Big borns as extreme evolution of Dominus, sharing the main structure, large part of the equipment and the machine concept, but extending reliability, strength and rigidity. Dominus Big in keeping the strokes of the longitudinal axis which defines the various models (2200, 3200, 4000, 5000 and 6000 mm), and of the Y axis (1200 mm); It enlarges the stroke of the vertical axis, from 1000 to 1200 mm as standard, giving an option to reach 1500 mm. This is the main feature that distinguishes the two models and such performances are guaranteed by the design of a column remarkably more powerful where the movement is ensured by two ball screws along which the head slids thanks to the action of 2 separate synchronized motors .

This column is specifically designed not only to reach remarkable heights, but also to accommodate and allow the work to a massive electrospindle with 400 Nm of torque and automatic universal birotative milling heads. The sliding of the mighty column on the X axis, for versions ≥ 4000 is also exercised by means of rack and pinion that replace the classic ball screw. Obviously, this additional capacity and equipment options offer a larger range of applications for Dominus Big while nevertheless Dominus remains largely appreciated for the peak performance of the category.

Technical features DOMINUS BIG

◼︎ Strokes

X axis

mm 2200 3200 4000 5000 6000

Y axis

mm 1200 / 1200

Distance spindle nose – table

Head in vertical position

mm 25 – 1225

Head in horizontal position

mm 360 – 1560

Absolute pressurized optical scales on axes

◼︎ Feed speed

X,Y,Z axis

m / 1′ 40/40/40

Working feed speed

m / 1′ 20/20/20

Table features

mm 1200 x mm 2400 3400 4200 5100 6300

Cave a T-slots

nr. 9


mm 18 H7

Distance between centres

mm 120

Max load

mkg /m2 4000

◼︎ Rotating head – 4th axis (**N/A)

Rotation by torque motor

Rotary encoder with direct position reading

Continuous operation or positioning

Hydraulic braking torque

Nm 5000

Tilting range


Resolution in tilting


Torque motor refrigeration by conditioner

◼︎ Standard electrospindle

Cone dimension

ISO 50 (*40)

Motor spindle power (S1 100%)

Kw 38

Max spindle motor torque (S1 100%)

Nm 180

Spindle rotation speed

rpm 30-8000

Max power available from

rpm 2000

Refrigeration by conditioner

◼︎ Standard tool magazine 40 positions

Spindle taper


Max tool lenght

mm 400

Tool max diam with full (empty) adjacent position

mm 125 (180)

Max tool weight

kg 20

Max weight tool change operation

kg 40

Total max weight tools stored in magazine

kg 800

◼︎ Sistema CNC System

Heidenhain TNC 640 – Siemes 840D – Fanuc 31i


Use the mouse to rotate the machine.