Jazz M

/ 3 5 axis machining centers

JAZZ M 5 AX was introduced in completing JAZZ range, emphasizing once again the versatility. In this case, too, the base frame is obtained by filling of electrowelded structures, by means of composite material (enriched mineral casting, DMP).
In looking for the right balance between dimensions and variety of working solutions, JAZZ M 5 AX represents the “summa” of the different characteristics that determined the success of JAZZ R 5 AX and JAZZ L 5 AX.

Therefore maintaining a workspace as the JAZZ L 5 AX with the combination of a fixed table and a swivel rotary table, its layout approaches to the one of JAZZ R 5 AX with a frontal door and a lateral one, especially useful for automatized operations as an automatic pallet change system.

Things to know

Main structures of JAZZ models are made with DMP technique; it is an alternative to traditional welded steel, cast iron and granite elements. It starts from making an external shell, that can be entirely or partially filled.

The exploited conglomerate has a mix of elements, specifically worked out to optimise the mechanical characteristics requested by the world of machine tools and machines in general. Several advantages come from this technique:

◼︎High dynamical stability of the machine
◼︎ Non-deformability over time
◼︎ Minor vibration in the tool contact area
◼︎ Minor thermal generation in the tool/piece area

Caratteristiche tecniche JAZZ M 5 AX

◼︎ Strokes

X axis

mm 1550

Y axis

mm 650

Z axis

mm 550

Spindle nose/table distance

mm 170 – 720

◼︎ Feed rates

X, Y, Z axis feed

m/min 45

X, Y, Z axis work

m/min 20

◼︎ Fixed table

Axis stroke

mm 800

Table dimensions

mm 800×800

Max load on table (per m2)

Kg 1000

◼︎ Tilting rotary table

Axis stroke

mm 600

Table dimensions

mm 600×600

Max load on table

Kg 500

◼︎ Rotary axis (C)

C axis rotation range


Max speed

rpm 25°

◼︎ Tilting axis (B)

Tilting range


Max speed

rpm 16.6

◼︎ Coaxial mechanical spindle CNC Heidenhain

Spindle taper

ISO40 DIN69871

(S6-25%) Heidenhain / Spindle power

Kw 17 (opt25)

(S6-25%) / Heidenhain / Torque motor

Nm 108,60

Max speed

rpm 12000

◼︎ 40 positions random tool change

Max tool diam.

mm 75 (130)

Max tool lenght

mm 300

Max tool weight

Kg 8

Tool – Tool change time

sec 2,3

Total max tools weight

Kg 200

◼︎ Scraping chip conveyor

◼︎ CNC Heidenhain TNC 640 (Siemens / Fanuc / Fagor available)

Machine total weight

Kg 13000


Use the mouse to rotate the machine.