Kreos 240-400

/ 345 axis machining centers

KREOS machining center was born from the wide experience gained by FAGIMA in designing and construction of machining centers with moving column. It was studied to meet every potential Costumer’s expectations: even with reduced sizes, KREOS ensures a high stiffness and structures’ strength, which blend perfectly with agility and speed in machining executions.

The KREOS therefore faces the market segment where the greatest demand for 5-axis moving column machines is addressed. FAGIMA offers, in the standard version, 2 different alternatives on the X axis (2700 and 4000 mm) while 830 mm determine the stroke in Y and 850 mm the stroke in Z.

Characteristic of KREOS is the elegant design, but also some innovations in components. Moreover designers developed the project with aim to reduce as much as possible the overall dimensions of the new machine.

KREOS structure is a monolithic base with high loading capacity, without any complex foundations requirement. The column holder-carriage slides on it, through roller guideways (feature in common for all 3 axis X, Y and Z). Inside the column, two groups are located: the tool changer and the exchange arm.

The usual and timely attention was obviously reserved for the components, predominantly of Italian origin, a feature that respects a well known charactetistics of FAGIMA products. The standard version is susceptible to different combinations and guarantees the largest customization of the machine according to the particular needs of each Customer, up to the extra-strokes on the X axis.

Things to know

Main structures of Kreos are made thanks to a new tecnique, alternative to traditional welded steel, cast iron and granite elements. It starts from making an external shell, that can be entirely or partially filled. The exploited conglomerate has a mix design of elements, specifically worked out to optimise the mechanical characteristics requested by the world of machine tools and machines in general. Several advantages come from this technique, especially for middle dimensions machines like Kreos:

◼︎High dynamical stability of the machine
◼︎Non-deformability over time
◼︎Minor vibration in the tool contact area
◼︎Minor thermal generation in the tool/piece area

Technical features KREOS 270 – 400


X axis

mm 2700-4000

Y axis

mm 830

Head in vertical position (when 4th axis in horizontal)

mm 850 (930)

Distance spindle nose – table with head when 4th axis in horizontal position

mm 25-875

Distance spindle nose – table with head in vertical position

mm 280-1130

◼︎Feed speed

X,Y,Z axis

m/min 50/50/50

Working feed speed

m/min 20/20/20

◼︎Table features

Table dimensions

mm 2800-4100


n° 7

Central T-Slot

mm 18 H7


mm 18 H11

Distance between centres

mm 120

Max loading

kg/m² 1500

◼︎Tilting head – 4th axis

Rotation speed

max 40 rpm

Continuous operation or positioning

Hydraulic braking torque

Nm 4000 (40 bar)

Tilting range


Tilting resolution


◼︎Standard electrospindle

Cone dimensions


Motor spindle power (S6)

Kw 31

Max spindle motor torque (S6)

Nm 159

Spindle rotation speed

rpm 12000

◼︎Random tool magazine 42 position

Spindle taper

DIN 69871-ISO40

Max tool lenght

mm 300

Tool max diameter with full (empty) adjacent position

mm 75 (120)

Max tool weight

kg 7

Average tool weight

kg 5

Max weight total tools stored

kg 250

◼︎Sistema CNC System

Heidenhain TNC 640 – Siemens 840D – Fanuc 31iB


Use the mouse to rotate the machine.