VF81 Double

/ Universal machining center

One of FAGIMA’s latest masterpieces, the new VF81 DOUBLE universal machining center is revolutionary in its category. The reduction of processing times by 50% and the double spindle solution, which allows to work the first and second phase at once, make the VF 81 DOUBLE unique in its kind.

Reliability, rigidity and precision guaranteed by the two HSK-40 (30,000 rpm) air/oil cooled electrospindles, practically maintenance free. Equipped with a tapered quill at the end to allow machining with short tools close to the surface to be machined.
Maximum cleaning of the piece. Machining in the absence of chips.

Large dimensions vice, to ensure stability and clamping force of the piece by means of the hydraulic system, equipped with 10 pistons (5 x side) CNC programmable opening and closing. Tilting movement of the vice 0-360° with the possibility of inclined machining. Automatic adjustment of the plate format in length (300-400-500-600 mm) and in width (0-200 mm), max thickness 20 mm.


Technical features VF81 Double

◼︎ Strokes

X axis

mm 810

Y axis

mm 252

Z (horizontal) axis

mm 400

◼︎ Piece size workable on vice

X axis


Z axis



mm 0,8-20

◼︎ Positioning accuracy and repeatability

Positioning index on all axis, with encoder

mm 0,025

Repeatability index on all axis, with encoder

mm 0,015

◼︎ Linear guides and screws

Linear guides with sliding blocks with 4 oblique contacts axis


Rapid feeds X, Y, Z axes

m/min 60

X, Y, Z axis work feedrate

m/min 30000

X, Y, Z axis acceleration

m/s2 6

Double preloaded nut

nr 2 circuits

Spheres diameter

mm 7,938

◼︎ N°2 Electrospindles with cooler and air oil lubrication

Tool taper

HSK E40 (30I)

Tool release, type


Motor power S1

kW 3.6

Torque motor S1

Nm 6

Spindle rotation speed (max.)

rpm 30000

Air blow inside the spindle

◼︎ Automatic tilt vice



Bar length

mm 600-500-400-300

Bar width

mm max. 200

Plate thickness

mm max. 200

Plate thickness

mm 0,8-20

Plate clamping with hydraulic cylinders with rotating bracket

◼︎ N°2 random tool change at 20 positions

Positions capacity

nr 20+20

Tool max diameter

mm 45

Tool max lenght

mm 160

Tool max weight

Kg 4

Time change tool

Tool change time (tool – tool)

sec 1,9


sec 0,5

Total weight

Kg 60

◼︎ Total machine weight

Kg 7.500