/ Universal machining center

The VF 39 universal machining center was born from an idea of flexibility and modularity for fashion purposes…but not only. Fagima, leader in the sector and for years at the service of its customers with innovative products and widespread assistance, has thought of the configuration of the VF39 machining center both for mass production but also for sampling. The machine is made up of a structural base on which the fixed working table or alternatively the overturning vice, designed and built by Fagima is housed.

The vice is made with a strong clamping hydraulic system, by means of 10 rotary pistons which facilitate the entry of the piece and its locking. The fixed table can also be replaced by a tilting rotary table or a double tilting rotary table, all with a maximum diameter of 250 mm. It is also possible to equip the turntable with a 350 mm diameter plate, both mechanical and torque

Large dimensions vice, to ensure stability and clamping force of the piece by means of the hydraulic system, equipped with 10 pistons (5 x side)

– CNC programmable opening and closing
– Tilting movement of the vice 0-360° with the possibility of inclined machining
– Automatic adjustment of the plate format in length (300-400-500-600 mm) and in width (0-200 mm), max thickness 20 mm

Main features

◼︎High flexibility
◼︎Ease of loading
◼︎Double-walled front shield for x y z axis
◼︎Guide protection
◼︎Side door for automation of the loading of the parts to work

Technical features VF 39

◼︎ Strokes

X axis

840 mm

Y axis

280 mm

Z spindle axis

350 mm

◼︎ Positioning accuracy and repeatability

Positioning index on all axis, with encoder

0,025 mm

Repeatability index on all axis, with encoder

0,015 mm

◼︎ Linear guides and screw

Linear guides with sliding blocks with 4 oblique contacts axis


Rapid feeds X, Y, Z axes

60 m/min

X, Y, Z axis work feedrate

30000 m/min

X, Y, Z axis acceleration

6 m/s2

X, Y Axis screws: diameter per pitch

Ø 50 x 20 mm

Z Axis screws: diameter per pitch

Ø 40 x 20 mm

◼︎ Electrospindle with cooler and air oil lubrication

Tool taper

HSK E40 (30I)

Cone clamping force

6.8 / 9.5 kN

Tool release, type


Motor power S1

kW 3.6

Torque motor S1

Nm 6

Motor power S6-40%

Kw 4.3

Torque motor S6-40%

Nm 7.3

Spindle rotation speed (max.)

rpm 30000

Air blow inside the spindle

Distance between spindle nose and workpiece in vice

mm 280

◼︎ Automatic tilting vice



Bar lengt

mm 600-500-400-300

Bar width

max. 200 mm

Plate thickness

0,8 – 20 mm

Plate clamping with hydraulic cylinders with rotating bracket

◼︎N °2 random tool change at 20 positions

Positions capacity

nr 32

Tool max diameter

mm 50

Tool max lenght

mm 150

Tool max weight

Kg 3

Tool change time (tool – tool)

sec 2.3

Total weight

Kg 57

◼︎ Total machine weight

Kg 5500